John Connolly studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art. He has a keen interest in landscape painting. He is drawn, in much of his current work, towards the sea and the bleakest parts of Cornwall. He marks the point of interest, the horizon, where the contrasts of colour, texture and the ever changing light over water enable him to create work with drama and emotion. He rarely includes people in his paintings, intending the observer to experience a feeling of remoteness and sense of place.

John works mainly with watercolour and acrylics, but sometimes mixes media using a variety of found materials, making marks and interesting textures with anything at hand. Beach sand may be used to create an interesting texture in a landscape, or to represent itself within a seascape.

John’s work has been purchased by private collectors in the UK, France, America, Australia and New Zealand.

John Connolly - Isles of Scilly, time with Alice

John Connolly – Isles of Scilly, time with Alice