Fred Yates was born in a suburb of Manchester, England in 1922. He began his working life as an insurance clerk, however this was cut short by the Second World War, where he served as a Guardsman. Sadly his twin brother was killed during the failed attempt to capture the bridge at Arnhem in September 1944.

After the war Yates started painting in Manchester, firstly as a painter and decorator. Whilst working in Manchester and training to become a teacher, Yates began painting – much in the vein of Lowry. Yates captured the humorous, theatrical side of his immediate surroundings.In contrast to Lowry, Yates celebrated the warm and socially engaged, rather than the gloomy side of human life on the streets.
In the 70’s Yates lived and painted in Cornwall, usually always painting outside – beach scenes, cliff top views, and local village life.During this time Yates had commercial success after the St Ives exhibition at the Tate Gallery. Yates also had a solo exhibition in Geneva. Later Yates moved permanently to France, he enjoyed the uncomplicated way of life and continued to paint local scenes. Yates’s work is appreciated throughout Europe and his painting are included in many private and public collections.

Fred Yates passed away in 2008 in England.

Fred Yates - 'Annely' By The Lake - £2,300

Fred Yates – ‘Annecy’ By The Lake – P.O.A.